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Automatic Gate Descriptions

Gate with automatic opener. Automatic gates are a great addition to any fence. An automatic gate increases both the security of your property and convenience of access. Bakken Fence sells and installs automatic gate systems. Our gate components are of the highest quality and come only from trusted vendors. Be sure visit our Fence Gallery to see the different types of automatic gates that we install.

Cantilever, swing and pivot gates can all be automated. Rolling gates are the only ones that do not work well with an opener. Cantilever gates will move inline with the fence. Swing gates need a little more room in which to operate. In snow country the pivot gate is a good choice. .

Safety should always come first with a gate that can open and close automatically. All of our gate systems include detector loops to ensure that the gate will not strike something, or someone, accidentally. All powered gates will open automatically whenever someone is leaving the premises. Emergency vehicles can open the gate at any time during an emergency.

Automatic gates can be opened with the push of a button and also by using a key-pad. For extra security access can be controlled from a separate structure. Combined with a speaker system and/or a camera you can identify who wants to access your property before you open the gate.

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